About Gendering Transformations

This conference focuses on the strategies for and complexities in feminist transformative practices at local, regional, national and transnational levels. Critical engagements with the possibilities and limitations of transformation – of differences that make a difference - through intersectional perspectives are important and timely in the face of a series of global challenges and crises, such as economic and ecological crisis, refugee crisis, ageing society, increased inequalities and polarization of the society. It is crucial to ask not only the how of the transformations, but also who are the driving forces behind the transformations, and how the feminist movements are positioned in these transformations from different geopolitical locations. To address these questions, it is also necessary to include a continued discussion on the relationship and dynamics between feminist academic and activist practices. The aim of the conference is to explore the complexities of power relations at work in the multiple modalities of feminist academic and activist engagements. The conference invites papers on a wider array of topics related to knowledge production, activism, trans/national feminist movements, solidarity and gendering transformations.


  • Bodies and Embodiments
  • Gender and Care
  • Gender and Politics
  • Gender and Ableism
  • Gender and/in Media
  • Gender and/in Education
  • Gender and/in Social Movements
  • Gender, Medicine and Technology
  • Gender, Economy, Work and Welfare
  • Intimacies, Forms and Affects
  • States, Regions and Globalizations
  • Politics of Feminist Knowledge Production
  • Feminisms and/ in Histories and Literatures
  • Feminisms in Transition: Theories and Practices
  • Migration Processes /Race/Gender/Class
  • Gender, Arts and Institutions : Libraries and Museums



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