About the National Central Library

National Central Library (NCL) is the major institution which collects theses and dissertations and manages a service platform in Taiwan. NCL, led by Director General Shu-Hsien Tseng, has been working on this task and strengthening the promotional services both nationally and internationally since 2010. NCL became a member of the NDLTD in 2010 and has conformed to international practices in the creation of the NCL database of theses and dissertations to increase the international visibility and academic influence of Taiwanese scholars. NCL has spared no effort in promoting the concept of Open Access to electronic theses and dissertations, including the following: publishing an annual report devoted to “Research Trends in Theses and Dissertations in Taiwan” since 2013,

,inviting 142 colleges and universities in Taiwan to take part in the establishment of the “National Alliance of the Cloud Library of Theses and Dissertations in Taiwan”, and holding activities to encourage colleges and universities to deposit their electronic theses and dissertations to “National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations in Taiwan”.

In the interest of promoting scholarly resources for Chinese and Taiwan studies, the National Central Library (NCL) has been establishing the Taiwan Resource Center for Chinese Studies (TRCCS) at locations abroad since 2012 on top of the already existent foundation of a program engaged in international publication exchange and over 30 years of experience in academic exchange regarding Sinology. Located at leading universities and research institutes across the globe, TRCCS aims to strengthen the collaborative relationships with Chinese studies research centers all over the world, enhance further international academic exchange in Chinese studies, promote Taiwan’s achievements in the field, and collaboratively build global Sinological resources and information platforms, thereby broadening and deepening cultural exchanges between the Chinese and Western worlds. In fact, this conference is a direct result of the collaboration between TRCCS and the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies.




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