Roundtable Discussion: Gendered Engagements with the Covid-19 Pandemic

Roundtable Discussion: Gendered Engagements with the Covid-19 Pandemic

Taiwan Time 7-9 PM, Japan Time 8-10 PM, Copenhagen Time 1-3 PM, 15th October 2021



Soft Launching for International Conference of Gendering Transformations: Feminist Knowledge Production and Trans/national Activist Engagement (October 28-31)


The National Central Library is proudly to host the Roundtable Discussion “Gendered Engagements with the Covid-19 Pandemic” with Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS) and Taiwanese Feminist Scholars Association on 7:00-9:00 PM, 15th October, 2021. As we can see from around the world, many people or activist groups have come forward in helping those who are affected by the pandemic in various ways, including providing food and temporary shelter, sharing mask-making skills, and so on. These actions take place to amend for the government’s lack of a comprehensive plan in dealing with such large-scale disaster, but also provide immediate relief to the people in need. These actions need to be recognized, recorded, and analyzed for future references. We invite you to join this online roundtable discussion on these engagements, ranging from raising critical discourses, taking actions, and their impacts on Covid-19 governance, and more.

Chair: Prof. Ling-fang Cheng (成令方)

Graduate Institute of Gender Studies,

Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan





Dr. Anna Moring

Leading expert, Finnish Network of Diverse Families


Covid, Gender and Family Diversity in Finland


Chie Matsumoto

Journalist, editor-in-chief at Media Cooperative, Unfiltered;  Adjunct lecturer for Media Analysis, Law Department, Hosei University


Grass-roots Movement Offers Key Support for Women under Covid-19 in Japan


Yu-feng Chen


Chair, Taiwan Nursing & Medical Industries Union


A Comparative Study of Working Conditions of Nurses under SARS and Covid-19 in Taiwan


Chiao-ling Huang


Executive Officer,

Research & Development Department of Family Day Care of PWR Foundation


The Working Conditions of Home-based Carers under Covid-19 in Taiwan


This roundtable discussion will be conducted in both English and Chinese, with bilingual AI translation subtitles.




Contact Person: Dr. Yi-chun YEH 

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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