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Conference Mechanics of the Gendering Transformations


  1. The International Conference of Gendering Transformations: Feminist Knowledge Production and Trans/national Activist Engagement is a 4-day virtual conference open to the public.
  2. It will be a mixture of lectures (keynote and plenary sessions) and panel/individual presentations that focus on topics such as feminist activism, biopolitics and gendered Sinology across continents.
  3. No registration fee shall be collected from the participants.
  4. Platform to be used for the conduct of the Gendering Transformations will be Webex. The Webinar link is as follows: Meeting number: 1848 81 3601  Password: qZRjEm3jm92 Only the first 1000 participants will be accommodated in the platform.

Conference Proper

  1. Participants must change their name for proper identification using the “First Name Last Name format”(eg. Wende Huang). For further assistance/information, please refer to the following:

How to Join a Webex Meeting 

  1. By default, participants will be muted for their microphone in the first place to avoid interference with the program. In the Parallel Sessions, all participants will be free to turn on their microphone when all paper presenters finish their presentations. Should they wish to ask their questions, they must either turn on their microphone to speak directly or simply write down their questions in the chat box and wait to be announced. There is no Q&A during Keynote Speeches and Plenary Session Speeches.
  2. Parallel Sessions will take place throughout the whole conference. There shall be only one conference link and to be divided into two conference rooms (A and B) to cover the topics under the parallel sessions A and B respectively. Participants could choose to enter sessions A or B at will. (# Please click “Participants” on the bottom to your right screen, then “Breakout sessions” will appear under “Participants” for you to join in.) Whenever there is no Parallel Sessions, it will be only one conference room used for all the lectures (keynote and plenary sessions), roundtable and for the opening and closing remark. The following will be the time allotment for the parallel sessions:
    • 2-minutes opening activities including introduction of the speakers
    • 45 to 60-minutes presentation (15-minutes for each presentation)
    • 25 to 30-minutes QA
    • A bell will be rung 2 minutes before a speaker’s time is up, and again when the speaker’s time ends.
    • A bell will be rung 2 minutes before the Q&A time ends, and again when Q&A time ends.
  1. Please confirm your session’s time on the schedule in the Conference Program link below. We recommend you enter Webex at least 15 minutes before your session begins to ensure you can connect smoothly.
  2. Presentation materials of all speakers will be made available on October 28 at
  3. If you need the subtitle for English, please turn on the AI Webex Assistance at the left-down corner (make it become blue icon), then click the "show Captions & Highlights Panel", the English subtitle will show at the right side. The cc subtitle can be chose to translate into the language you need from English.
  4. For each session moderator, here is an example of the basic flow of moderation:
    • Introduce yourself and the session
    • Introduce the first speaker with her/his topic
    • [First presentation]
    • Introduce the second speaker with her/his topic
    • [Second presentation]
    • Introduce the third speaker with her/his topic
    • [Third presentation]
    • Announce Q&A and inform attendees to turn on their microphone if they wish to ask a question or write down their questions in the chat box.
    • Ask the questioner to please say their name and affiliation. If multiple people are going to speak, please try to limit each question’s time to allow more people to speak.
    • If the questions are posted in the chat box, please repeat them one by one for the paper presenters to respond.
    • At the session’s end time, announce the end of Q&A and thank everyone for attending. To warn you of the time, a first bell be rung when 2 minutes remain, and a second bell when no time remains.

After Conference

1. If you wish to continue your discussion with each other after the sessions, you are welcome to go to Gather Town that we have set for you to meet with others.

For Session A: 

For Session B: 

First Time in Gather: 

Browser Settings and Permissions
Gather must request permission to use your mic and camera from the web browser. Right now, Gather is best supported in Chrome and Firefox. The desktop Safari browser is supported in beta. Here's how to check your browser and system settings to make sure you have a smooth experience in Gather.

More information: 

Chrome Settings

When you first enter Gather in Chrome (or if you've cleared your Chrome history), you will see a pop-up asking for camera and microphone access permissions. Click Allow in order to provide the best experience in Gather.

Firefox Settings

When you first enter Gather in Firefox (or if you've cleared your Firefox history), you will see a pop-up asking for camera and microphone access permissions. Click Allow to provide the best experience in Gather.

Safari (Beta)

Safari (on desktop, not mobile) will prompt you for the camera and microphone permissions when you first log into a space. 



2. Please fill out the Evaluation Form for us, thank you:


Contact Person: Dr. YEH

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